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Great Books Resources on the Web — Online texts, publishers, schools, etc.


Online Text Resources and publishers

Project Gutenberg - Another great site for online text.​
Project Perseus from Tufts University - Text available in Greek and Latin... A must visit!
MIT's Internet Classic Library
University of Pennsylvania Online Books
Dover Publications - They are keeping precious gems in circulation
Hackett Publications - Another fantastic publisher
Literary Resources - Online text, theory, etc.
Electronic Text Collection
Liberty Fund's Online Library



Schools with Great Books Curriculum

Thomas Aquinas College
St. John's College
Harrison Middleton University
Templeton Honors College
Large listing of Great Books programs in the U.S. and Canada



Organizations of Interest

The Center for Liberal Arts and Free Institutions

Symposium Great Books Institute
Art of Liberty
Classical Pursuits
Center for the Study of Great Ideas
The Great Books Foundation
The Teaching Company - Great courses in audio or video format

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