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Listen to the Ojai: Talk of the Town podcast. In September 2020 Editor Bret Bradigan interviews Andy Gilman

Andy Gilman - Vantana.jpg

Read the January/February 2019 Issue of Ventana Magazine - Respectfully Disagree


Read the January 4, 2019 article in the  Ventura County Star - Ojai group tackles weighty topics...

Ojai Chautauqua Panels

View the May 28, 2020 Ojai Chautauqua Online Panel  - What is the Future of Education After COVID-19?

View the July 25, 2019 Ojai Chautauqua Panel Series

on Education - What is Education For? 

View Adventurous Listening: A Prelude to the
Ojai Music Festival
- May 18, 2019

View the September 30, 2018 Ojai Chautauqua Panel
The Future of Water in the Ojai Valley - Part III

View the February 16, 2020 Ojai Chautauqua Panel Series on Education - Addressing Ojai's Declining Public School Enrollment

View the July 28, 2019 Ojai Chautauqua Panel

Is Legal Cannabis Good for Ojai?

View the March 30, 2019 Ojai Chautauqua Panel

Preparing for the Next Wildland Fire 

The Stewardship in the Ojai Valley Panel -

Live Streamed on Thursday, August 2, 2018. 

Great Books Seminars

View the November 14, 2020 Online Special Music Event
From Lugubrious to Luminous: Words about Music
(and where they take us!)

The Arabian Nights (selections) - Online Seminar

April 25, 2020. Part of the Story within the Story Series

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