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The usual offerings from The Agora Foundation are weekend seminars centered around an author or theme, and only occasionally include lectures. Primarily, attendees read and learn directly from the great books and discuss as equals the meanings and implications of the selected readings. Discussions are guided by seminar leaders who pose questions designed to stimulate reflection on the readings.


Past and Current Seminar Leaders:
andy gilman 1.jpg

David Appleby

Tutor, Thomas Aquinas College



Zoe Appleby

Thomas Aquinas College







Michael Augros

Tutor, Thomas Aquinas College

Robert Augros

Professor, St. Anselm College,
New Hampshire






John Balkcom

Moderator, Executive Seminars for
the Aspen Institute · Former President
of St. John's College, Santa Fe, NM 

Phillip Bartok

Tutor, St. John' s College​

Carl Bobkoski

Business Leader and Teacher​


Eva Brann

Tutor, St. John' s College

Lance Brunner 

Professor, University of Kentucky

James Carey

Tutor, St. John's College​

David Carl

Tutor, St. John's College​

William Carroll

Professor, Oxford University​







Mark Clark

Tutor, Thomas Aquinas College





Glen Coughlin

Tutor, Thomas Aquinas College

James Cutsinger

Professor, University of South Carolina

Richard Ferrier

Tutor, Thomas Aquinas College



Andrew Gilman

Executive Director, 
The Agora Foundation





Joline Godfrey

CEO, The Unexpected Table








Karl Haigler

President, Haigler Enterprises
International, Inc.

Brian Kelly

Tutor, Thomas Aquinas College

Sean Kelsey

Professor of Philosophy, Notre Dame​


Barry Kraft

Dramaturg, Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Anika Prather 2.jpg
Elizabeth Reyes 2.jpg
peter rainer.jpg
brian stafford.jpg
revisd 8-10-23 Eric Stull.jpg
Kevin Walker.jpg

Tom Krause

Founder of the Great Books Seminars
in Ojai, President, The Agora





Philip LeCuyer

Tutor, St. John's College


Michael J. Letteney

Tutor, Thomas Aquinas College

Patricia Locke

Tutor, St. John's College

Dan Lowenstein

Professor of Law, UCLA








Tim Mangan

Writer-in-Residence at Pacific Symphony

Mike McLean

Former President, Thomas Aquinas College





Rae Nelson

Management Consultant and Author








Paul O'Reilly
President, Thomas Aquinas College







Frank Pagano

Tutor, St. John's College







Anika Prather
Professor,  Howard University





Barry Rabe

Board Member, Teacher


Elizabeth Reyes

Tutor, Thomas Aquinas College







Peter Rainer

Film Critic, Christian Science Monitor and National Public Radio






Carol Seferi

St. John’s College Alumna and Attorney


Brian Stafford
Founder, Eco Psyche Artistry





Walter Sterling
Tutor, St. John's College​

Eric Stull
Adjunct Professor

Kevin Walker

Assistant Professor, Colgate University







Michael Wolfe
Tutor, St. John's College​​








Krishnan Venkatesh
Tutor, St. John's College



Roxana Zirakzadeh

St. John’s College Alumna



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