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The Golden Bough by James Frazer - Online Seminar Series 

Agora Foundation Online Seminar Series -
The Golden Bough by James Frazer

“For myth changes while custom remains constant; men continue to do what their ancestors did before them, though the reasons on which their fathers acted have been long forgotten. The history of religion is a long attempt to reconcile old custom with new reason, to find a sound theory for an absurd practice.”


The Golden Bough - A Study in Magic and Religion is a wide-ranging investigation of mythology, religion, and ritual. First published in 1890 and greatly expanded in later editions, the book attempts to define the shared elements of religious belief and scientific thought, discussing fertility rites, human sacrifice, the dying god, the scapegoat, and many other symbols and practices whose influences had extended into 20th-century culture. We invite you to join us as we discuss this entire abridged version, a few chapters at a time, with weekend seminars taking place about one month apart.

Next Event in the series:

Sunday, November 19 - 12:00-2:00PM PDT


November 19 Reading:

The Golden Bough by James Frazer -

Chapters VII - Incarnate Human Gods, VIII - Departmental Kings of Nature, IX - The Worship of Trees, X - Relics of Tree-worship in Modern Europe (pages 109-163)

Penguin Classics; Abridged edition (January 1998)

ISBN 978-0140189315


Andy Gilman

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