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Formatted Great Texts

Formatted Great Texts for PDF Download

Over the years, we have collected many short works in the public domain and edited and thematically paired readings for our public seminars. We have typically added line numbers to aid in conversation. Please feel free to download and use these works in your classrooms and seminars. We would love to hear your feedback

A Kempis - Selections from The Imitation of Christ.pdf

Aquinas - Is Faith Reasonable.pdf

Aquinas - On Conscience.pdf

Aquinas - On Law.pdf

Aquinas - On the Nature of Sin.pdf

Aquinas - Summa Contra Gentiles.pdf

Aristotle - Ethics (selections).pdf

Aristotle - Love and Friendship (selections).pdf

Aristotle - Notes for the Physics by Michael Augros.pdf

Aristotle - On Happiness.pdf

Aristotle - Politics (selections).pdf

Aristotle - Posterior Analytics (Alternate Translation).pdf

Aristotle - Posterior Analytics (selections).pdf

Aristotle - On the Soul (selections).pdf

Augustine - On Happiness.pdf

Aurobindo - Essays on the Gita.pdf

Bacon - The New Organon (book one).pdf

Book of Revelation.pdf

Cather - Neighbor Rosicky.pdf

Chaucer - Canterbury Tales (selections).pdf

Cather - Two Friends.pdf

Cather - Paul's Case.pdf

Collection - The Mystery of Love.pdf

Collection - Does God Make Sense - Dawkins and Aquinas.pdf

Collection - Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Chekov.pdf

Collection - Chekov.pdf

Collection - Economics.pdf

Collection - The Wisdom of Genesis.pdf

Collection - Tolstoy, Chekhov, Dostoyevsky.pdf

Constitution of the United States.pdf

De Beauvoir - Introduction - The Second Sex.pdf

De Koninck - Is the Word "Life" Meaningful.pdf

De Tocqueville - Democracy in America (selections).pdf

Dickinson - selections.pdf

Descartes - A Discourse on Method (edited).pdf

Declaration of Independence.pdf

Dostoyevksy - A Gentle Spirit.pdf

Emerson - Self Reliance.pdf

Emerson - Nature.pdf

Euclid - Elements (Beginning).pdf

Empedocles and Democritus - Pre-Socratics.pdf

Federalist Papers 1 and 2.pdf

Federalist Papers 6 and 9.pdf

Federalist Paper 10.pdf

Federalist Paper 51.pdf

Federalist Paper 52.pdf

Federalist Paper 62.pdf

Federalist Paper 68.pdf

Federalist Paper 69.pdf

Federalist Paper 70.pdf

Federalist Paper 78.pdf

Federalist Paper 85.pdf

Gogol - The Overcoat.pdf

Heidegger - The Reunion Speech.pdf

Holmes - The Path of the Law.pdf

Hoffman - The Search for the Real.pdf

Jonas - Toward a Philosophy of Technology.pdf

Jonas - The Burden and Blessings of Mortality.pdf

Joyce - The Dead.pdf

Kant - On the Supposed Right to Lie.pdf

Kass - On the Soul.pdf

Keirkegaard - Fear and Trembling (beginning).pdf

Kringelbach and Berridge - The Neurobiology of Pleasure and Happiness.pdf

Lincoln - Lyceum Speech.pdf

Locke - The Second Treatise of Government (edited).pdf

Lucretius - One the Nature of Things - Book VI .pdf

Malthus - An Essay on the Principle of Population (Excerpts).pdf

Marx - The Communist Manifesto.pdf

More - Dialogue on Conscience.pdf

More - Utopia.pdf

More - The Fond Tale of Mother Maud.pdf

More - The Trial and Execution of Sir Thomas More.pdf

Newton - Principia (selections).pdf

O'Connor - Everything That Rises Must Converge.pdf

Pascal - The Wager.pdf

Pericles - Funeral Oration.pdf

Pinker - Organs of Computation.pdf

Plato - Apology.pdf

Plato - Crito.pdf

Plato - Euthyphro.pdf

Plato - Symposium.pdf

Plotinus - On Beauty.pdf

Psalms  - selections.pdf

Rorty - Education as Socialization and as Individualization.pdf

Rumi - selections.pdf

Schopenhauer - Two Essays.pdf

Seneca - On the Happy Life.pdf

Smith - The Wealth of Nations.pdf

Sophocles - Oedipus Rex.pdf

Strauss - What is Liberal Education.pdf

Strauss - Liberal Education and Responsibility.pdf

The Qur'an - selections.pdf

Thoreau - Walking.pdf

Tolstoy - The Death of Ivan Ilych.pdf

Tolstoy - The Forged Coupon.pdf

Turing - Can Machines Think.pdf

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